Academic Move-In

Here’s hoping you had a refreshing summer and enjoyed some time at the beach.  It’s almost time to welcome your student renters and we would like to share some points to help with a smooth transition and a successful academic year.

House Prep

A house given to a student in good condition comes back to a homeowner in good condition.  With that in mind, we ask you to provide/do the following…

  • Have an appropriate number of dishes, glassware, and silverware for the number of tenants
  • A variety of cookware in good condition
  • Appliances must be in good working order
  • Trash bin/trash bags
  • Leave starter detergents/paper products 
  • Mattress and box springs in good/clean condition
  • Waterproof/bedbug proof mattress covers
  • Do not leave pillows, blankets, sheets
  • Nightstands
  • Working lamps
Living Areas
  • Flat screen TVs are inexpensive, always well treated and a major marketing feature for students and summer renters
  • Provide working remotes and instructions if necessary
  • Hang fresh shower liners
  • Provide a bath mat in each bathroom
  • Leave some starter paper products
  • House must be left clean
  • Narragansett Properties will provide working keys for each tenant
  • Exterior door locks must be in excellent working condition
  • Replace all burned out light bulbs and leave extras in the house
  • Change batteries in smoke/carbon monoxide detectors (detectors expire after 10 years; check the date on the back of yours)
  • Provide working fire extinguisher in kitchen and furnace room
  • Leave cleaning supplies – working vacuum cleaner, broom, dustpan, mop
  • Check all faucets, showers, hoses for drips and toilets that constantly run
  • Leave a note welcoming your students with specific notes about your house
  • Tenants will be receiving a home inspection report which we will keep on file; very useful when determining the end of year damage deposit return
  • Leave outdoor furniture and functioning grill
  • Patio umbrellas must be put away for the season
  • Winterize showers/hoses at this time or have a plumber take care of this in the fall (by November).  We have 2 plumbers who routinely do this:
    • Shawn Duguay 401.332.0987 or Coastal Plumbing 401.788.0355 
  • Narragansett law requires 1 large outdoor trash receptacle with lids per bedroom (flip lids are best). Spray paint/sharpie marker your house number on the lid and can.
  • Trash corrals keep critters from getting into and wind from toppling garbage cans
  • Call rubbish company – primarily Narragansett Rubbish to set up weekly backyard trash and recycling pickup. 401.783.3177. [/su_highlight] The tenants have paid for both services
  • Supply a recycling bin (either the blue ones provided by Narragansett Rubbish or a regular trash can properly marked).   Students take recycling very seriously
Fuels and Utilities
  • Fuel tanks must be left full upon the students’ arrival
  • Arrange to have your furnace serviced and cleaned before the season (we can recommend HVAC services)
  • Specify if you have a mandatory fuel provider – otherwise, we are suggesting to work with East Greenwich Oil and Superior Propane. With them, oil/propane will be capped at a negotiated price reflecting the volume of houses we provide. 
  • Contact National Grid  1.800.322.3223  to indicate that tenants will be setting up accounts for the house.  Please keep utilities in your names until September 15; students will be taking them over and will have them started in their names as of their move-in date.  However, the overlap will keep service from being interrupted.
  • All landlords should participate in the “Revert to Landlord” program.  This automatically transfers the accounts back into your name at the conclusion of the lease.  Once students ask for a “final bill,” gas and electric will revert to your name preventing any turn off of service
  • WIFI/Cable Cox boxes must be returned to allow students to initiate their own account.  Verizon customers usually need to arrange for a 3-way conversation with tenant and Verizon to transfer account holder

We know this is a great deal of information and we are here to help you with the transition if needed. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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