About Us

Narragansett Properties is the largest rental agency in the Narragansett area. We pride ourselves on providing our renters with the best service through impeccable property management and responsive support.

Prior to moving to Narragansett, Tom & Rhonda Morrill – owners of Narragansett Properties – rented their home to URI students. They took care of their own property management even though they lived two hours away. Despite having wonderful renters, they came to realize the burdens that come with being a landlord.

When Narragansett Properties opened its doors in 2010, Tom & Rhonda decided they would offer the services they wished they had for those hectic fifteen years of out-of-state landlord ship. It paid off because within six years of 2010, Narragansett Properties became the largest rental agency in Narragansett. The plan is to keep offering the same services and to lengthen that list every chance they get. Narragansett Properties thanks you for helping build the company and we hope the journey together will be long and prosperous.