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With our direct contact database of a decades worth of homeowners, academic families, and vacationers, we can reach out personally to more prospective renters in the Narragansett area.

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Here at Narragansett Properties we have a large selection of homes located primarily in Narragansett. Call our office to talk to a professional and find your perfect academic or vacation rental today!

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We offer services that go well beyond what other realtors provide. From finding tenants to helping with repair work on the house, our goal is to keep your home in the best shape possible and maximize your valuable investment.

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Named one of the best beach towns in America, Narragansett is home to white sandy beaches, world-class dining, and many miles of pristine coastline. Narragansett has been a revered vacation destination for centuries. From biking along the Sea Wall, kayaking on calm Narrow River, to relaxing on one of several beautiful beaches, Narragansett has something for everyone.