Web Portal Info

Narragansett Properties requires you to register for an active student portal.

On this portal, there will be information regarding your rent balances, payments, and maintenance requests. This portal is crucial to have, and we suggest that you share the log-in information with your Parent/Guardian.

Key Features

Here are basic instructions for the online portal:

Logging In
1. Click here to log-in or go to our website and click the “Tenant Log-in” button.
2. After logging in, you will be brought to your “Dashboard”. This is a snapshot of the rental property you are currently in.
2. Once you are logged in you will see a menu bar at the top. These are the different areas of the portal and the most important ones are as follows:

Submitting a Maintenance Request– This is where you will be submitting a maintenance request for the property you are renting.
1. Click the “Service Issue” Button on the top menu bar.
2. Here you will see all of the open/closed issues that have occurred at your rental property. Click the issue title to view the update status of the issue and resolution date.
3. Click “New Service Issue” to create a new Issue Ticket when there is a problem at the house.
4. Click the category that the problem is occurring, then write a detailed description of the problem.
5. Click “Add Service Issue”

Viewing Account Balance
1. Click the “Charges” button from the menu bar.
2. This will now give you a detailed breakdown of ALL charges during your rental period. (Note: The charges that occur in the spring semester show up here too. Refer to the date when looking)
3. The date is DUE DATE for the charge described.

Viewing Payments
1. Click the “Transactions” button from the menu bar.
2.You will now see all of the items you were charged for along with a payment when you pay them.
3. Payments have parentheses around the amount you paid. IE (550) for 1st months rent that was paid.

Notes is where you will see items that you submitted to use like Proof of Scholarship or other things like payments. They also outline the history/changes that occur to your tenant account.



If you have any trouble please email us and provide us with the rental address, your name and the email you would like to use. You will then get an automatic email sent to finish setting up your account. Follow the instructions they send you.