Below are important details regarding setting up utilities.  Please set up accounts with the appropriate companies for your property. If you have questions about which utilities need to be set up, please email and indicate which house you’re renting.


Electric (National Grid): 1.800.322.3223

Every house MUST set up an electric account with National Grid.


Natural Gas

(National Grid): 1.800.870.1664

Please note: If you are a “natural gas” home, you will have 2 separate accounts and 2 separate bills with National Grid (1 electric & 1 gas)

Oil and Propane

For houses with oil or propane, you must set up an account for auto delivery prior to moving in. This allows the company to top off your tank on a regular basis not allowing the risk of empty tanks and frozen pipes.

The fuel tank (oil/propane) will be full upon your arrival. In May, upon your departure, you will be expected to have the tank filled to the same level as when you moved in. Take a picture of the gauge and email it to so we can ensure your tank will be full.

To set up oil or propane service you must fill out a soft credit application with the provider and be able to give the provider a credit card to keep on file. This will allow them to top off your fuel tank on a regular basis and you will not risk the possibility/expense of empty tanks and frozen pipes.

Each house that requires an oil and/or propane account, must set up an oil and/or propane account with the specified oil company (specified in email in August prior to move-in). The homeowner has a service contract with this company and if an account is not set up with this company, the homeowner’s service contract will become void and you will be responsible for any repairs or maintenance the oil and/or propane tank requires.


Cox Communications

Cable boxes may be picked up at the Cox Communications store in South County Commons (ask for our representative, Mike Furtado 401.524.2895). Mention that you are renting through Narragansett Properties.


If your house has a Verizon account, you might want to take the account over from your owner. This will involve a 3-way conversation with your owner and Verizon to transfer the account to your names. This can be done as soon as you take possession of your house.